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Because leadership matters… SocDems poll bounce is about more than just a new leader

This is my first column in several weeks (apologies for that) and what an eventful few weeks they have been. Rather than trying to unpack all those events, I start with the latest opinion poll and work my way backwards from that… returning to a not unfamiliar theme… Fianna Fáil’s relevance problem.  

It is six or seven weeks since I last sat down to wrote one of these analysis pieces. The delay is odd, as there has been no shortage of domestic political events to write about.

From the breakthrough on the Northern Ireland protocol, to the change of leadership in the Social Democrats, and from Bertie Ahern’s return to full Fianna Fáil membership to at least six major opinion polls including one in the North looking at the political attitudes of those who do not identify as either nationalist or unionist.

Where to start? Perhaps it is easiest to start with the latest Ireland Thinks poll from the Sunday Independent and attempt to work back… though knowing that I won’t address much of that backlog in just one article.

So, what do we learn from this latest poll? Continue reading “Because leadership matters… SocDems poll bounce is about more than just a new leader”

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Has #GDPR just become a way to penalise business?

This is commentary was written jointly by: Tom Hayes and Derek Mooney write: Is the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to create a legal framework to ensure that the personal data of EU citizens is properly protected or is it a mechanism to find ways to sue multinational companies, particularly US companies, for multimillion amounts of Euros?

You’d be hard pressed to know.

When the GDPR was first mooted, the person in charge of introducing it, Commission Vice President, Viviane Reding (photo above), said that one of the main benefits of the Regulation, if not the main one, would be the “one stop shop” concept. Continue reading “Has #GDPR just become a way to penalise business?”

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