Who impressed you most during referendum campaign?

7 thoughts on “Who impressed you most during referendum campaign?

  1. No option for Paul Murphy? I thought he had a great campaign. In that he actually had one, of course.


    1. I don’t disagree – I might run a more detailed one rating top people on either side incl Paul Murphy and people like Eoin Ó Broin – but for now this is confined to six each from yes and no side: 2 FG, 2 Lab, 2 FF, 2 SF, 1 Soc, 1 PBP, 1 Ind 1 Libertas


  2. I think Michéal Martin played a blinder, as did Lucinda Creighton and Brian Hayes. Also impressed by Declan Ganley. Enda not at the the races, and there are unanswered questions in relation to his capability. Paul Murphy impresssive and made the public in Dublin aware of his existence!.


  3. Sorry Derek, none of the above, Timmy Dooley I thought did a marvelous job, he was confident and well presented, unlike certain others, albeit I disagreed with him on the substantive issue


  4. Derek, I felt that from the Yes side, Michael Martin lead the pack, From the No side it was Declan Ganley. Apart from the two above and maybe one or two others mainly from the Yes side, most weak were the no side. I also think that the Government played a vital part in the Yes side winning by keeping Hogan, Shatter and O’Reilly well away..


  5. Think that a major problem was that the yes side had the threat on thier side, and used it ad nauseum. So while they may have appeared the more assured it was because they waved a big stick. Some performances (esp FG) were arrogant in the extreme. They should all be told leave the green jersey to footballers!!


  6. I realise i’m a little late with the post but nevertheless it was quite a long campaign so the memory is fairly fresh. I think the star of the campaign was not a political figure as such but a business person- Nora Casey who stars in the Irish version of Dragon’s Den. I thought she was the clear winner in the Frontline Debate and more so, she managed to appear as the one of the four debaters who wasn’t interested in engaging in party politics. She was also very impressive on multiple radio debates. So Nora Casey would be my pick!


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