For almost three decades I have been writing speeches for a variety of public figures – political and corporate – for both formal and informal occasions.  In addition to conference speeches, I have also written many humorous speeches for social occasions, particularly wedding day speeches.

You can put my years of experience and wealth of anecdotes and one-liners to work for you.

I can help you prepare for any public event by crafting a designing a speech, preparing speaking notes, or MS Powerpoint presentation to assist you make a positive impression… and only you and I will know about it. 

I have posted some examples of my work published under my own name below. For very obvious reasons I do not post examples of speeches written for others.

After all, speechwriters are heard through their clients, never seen and rarely acknowledged.

This is a collaborative process – we discuss content style and message and I prepare drafts for your approval. 

I am not here to to put someone else’s words or thoughts in your mouth.

I was recently interviewed (Oct 2022) about speechwriting for the Sunday Business Post (23/Oct/2022) PayWall. You can read a PDF version of that interview here.


The speaking notes you prepared were perfect, Derek. Many thanks.

B.S. Oct 2022

Thank you for everything. I am delighted with your service and you have definitely saved me a lot of stress.

M.K. July 2022

You’ve done a great job with the speech, Thanks for all your help Derek, much appreciated.

D.G. June 2022

Dear Derek… The speech went very well… I was very pleased with speech and great structure.

A.H. Jan 2020

Dear Derek, I have added a bonus to the agreed fee as the speech was fantastic. Thanks for all your help.

D.D/ April 2019

For more information, email: derek@deremooney.ie