Mooney on Politics Podcast

Promises to keep when you have mid-terms to avoid? Mooney on Irish Politics

In this episode I consider the beleagured leadership of Boris Johnson and suggest that he may limp on until May when his fate could be sealed by a bad mid-term local election result. Meanwhile, the three Irish government party leaders will be happy that the next local and european elections are not due here until 2024 and so they face no mid-term electoral test in 2022… except… This episode is also available as a blog post:
  1. Promises to keep when you have mid-terms to avoid?
  2. Sinn Féin discovers public sector reform, a decade after everyone else… late, but still welcome
  3. For Both Taoiseach and Tánaiste The Question is: To reshuffle, or not…?
  4. We Can’t Spite Ourselves On Covid Restrictions
  5. Martin and Johnson… a lot more alike than you’d think
  6. Yes, filter NPHET but filter the air in classrooms first
  7. Mooney on Sondheim (and not politics, for a change)
  8. Micheál Martin, the managerial minimalist
  9. The Shinners ready themselves for government… but are we ready for them?
  10. This week’s Covid19 reopening should have gone ahead