On Feb 24th 2019, I was on RTÉ’s Sunday political show The Week in Politics, offering my analysis on the future of the current FG/FF Confidence and Supply arrangement and the likelihood of a general election in Ireland later this year. You can watch the full show here (from the 6 min mark)


In December 2018 I was asked to speak at a conference on conflict resolution organised in Istanbu by the Baris Vakfi peace foundation. I was talking about lessons learned from the NI peace process and the work of peace groups such as the Glencree Centre. Here are two local Turk/Kurd reports on my speech: 


On Nov 8th I was on the panel of RTE Radio One’s Late Debate discussion programme alongside the former UK Europe Minister, Dr Denis MacShane, Niall Collins TD, Brid Smith TD and Sen Frank Feighan discussing Brexit:

Here I am on the panel of RTE Radio One’s Late Debate on March 14th 2017 discussing whether emigrants should get a vote in presidential elections.

This is me on Late Debate on Nov 8, 2016 discussing the US Presidential Election

and here too…

In October 2017 I was asked to make a presentation at a briefing for senior Turkish political and civic society leaders at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs on the role of the media in a peace process:


I was a guest speaker at a PRII seminar in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin on on the advent of New Politics in May 2016. Other panelists included  Darragh O’Brien, TDDr Muiris MacCarthaighGrace Milton, moderated by Shane Coleman.


Facilitating a workshop between the former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and a visiting delegation of senior Turkish and Kurdish women politicians in February 2015. In conjunction with DPI


I was on RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland on Tues Sept 2, 2014 to discuss the continuing participation of the Irish Defence Forces in the UNDOF mission on the Golan Heights

The ancient Irish art of tallying (2014 European Elections, scrutinising the adjudication of spoilt ballots) (Pic from




LA Times
Quoted in the Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Quoted in the Chicago Tribune followed the Seanad referendum success
Derek Mooney & Former Taoiseach John Bruton
With Former Taoiseach John Bruton
At briefing in Bosnia
At a meeting in Bosnia with the UNSG’s Representative

DSM at UNSCDerek Mooney with Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern & Former Lord Mayor Ben BriscoeDerek at UNIFIL Briefing in Lebanon At EUFOR Chad briefing (Paris) with Defence Minister & Former CoS Dermot Earley (RIP)

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