The #frontpages from the #Irish Sunday newspapers (March 12th)

One thought on “The #frontpages from the #Irish Sunday newspapers (March 12th)

  1. The Linaker story is really interesting. I’m dying to see how it goes.

    Interestingly the English (as opposed to British) population have been quite supportive of the ‘no more boats, no more immigration’ position. Indeed its been a quite jingoistic response from a significant number of group of people (not a majority but unfortunately the majority keep quiet rather than put their heads above the parapet and risk attack).

    We now have a non politician but popular sports personality speaking out, as he has before, and his views and stance are being supported by his colleagues. What influence will this have in England. I reckon it will be significant influence.

    I applaud Linaker for speaking out. If more ‘personalities’ had done so about Brexit maybe it would never have happened. It’s time that the tail was stopped from wagging the dog. That applies to Ireland too!!


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