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Less Justice and more just us… aka the continuing Justice Seamus Woulfe saga

Throughout the discussion Mr Justice Woulfe says his actions both in playing golf and attending the golf dinner, a dinner he only really learned about as he arrived to play golf, were above reproach and done with the best possible motives. But the issue is not what motivated him to play golf, but rather how he allowed himself to attend an indoor event at the hotel, namely the dinner at 9pm that breached the latest Covid regulations. It’s about judgement, not motivation.

Biden will win. #Bigly. Trump is going down… but not in a way he’d like!

I predict – three weeks out from the official US Presidential polling day – that Joe Biden will win the presidency… and win it comfortably. This is less based on polling, though national polls continue to show Biden with a clear 7 – 9 pt lead over Trump, and is more predicated on the evidence from the Trump side that it knows it’s man is beaten and is now focused on challenging the authenticity of the belief. The Trump campaign is spending billions so Trump can sit in his Maralago golf resort this time next year and tell himself: I didn’t lose, I was robbed!

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