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Here you will discover more about the speech-writing, communications and public affairs services I offer. You can as catch up on my political commentaries and opinion pieces as well as find some of my recent TV, radio and online media performances.

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How MooneyComms Can help you

Speech-writingWhether it is a corporate address or a social occasion, I can advise and assist with crafting your speech

Social Media – Available to provide advice and guidance on revising or upgrading your online presence

Public Affairs – Can assist and guide on the best approaches for your public affairs strategies, with insights on dealing with agencies and authorities in Dublin, Brussels and Belfast

Campaign Strategies – Can assist you in devising and delivering a winning campaign – with a particular focus on local, national and european elections. From building a strong campaign team to message crafting 

Conference and Training– Available to help with your conference organisation, from identifying the best speakers and moderators to devising conference structures and formats that suit your event.   

Recent Posts

Just 1 week to go to the most consequential U.K. election of modern times… and a major #TheSNP win

In the space of under 20 years, the SNP has managed not only to put Scottish independence at the centre of the British political agenda, but to be on the cusp of achieving it. All accomplished using only democratic and constitutional political means, even when it felt the rules were stacked against it.  And all done without ever threatening menace or violence.

When loyalism’s loyalty is rejected

While there are sinister loyalist paramilitary elements who saw this as an opportunity to make trouble for a PSNI that has enjoyed recent successes in thwarting loyalist drug dealing – especially with unionist leaders attacking the PSNI over and calling for the resignation of the Chief Constable – many of the teenagers and youths on the streets will misguidedly see themselves as fighting for their community, their people and their allegiance. Though that allegiance goes increasingly unreciprocated by the State to which they declare their loyalty.    

Time’s Up for Martin… But It’ll Take A Little Longer To Play Out

The political fallout from the ongoing decline in Fianna Fáil’s fortunes won’t begin to find its full expression, never mind its resolution, until the party’s TDs and Senators can meet together a single room. Then Micheál Martin’s political fate will be sealed. He will not be Taoiseach come 2022, never mind be Tánaiste in 2023.

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