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How MooneyComms Can help you

Speech-writingWhether it is a corporate address, a wedding day or a social occasion, I can advise and assist with crafting your speech

Social Media – Available to provide advice and guidance on revising or upgrading your online presence

Public Affairs – Can assist and guide on the best approaches for your public affairs strategies, with insights on dealing with agencies and authorities in Dublin, Brussels and Belfast

Campaign Strategies – Can assist you in devising and delivering a winning campaign – with a particular focus on local, national and european parliament elections. From building a strong campaign team to message crafting 

Conference and Training– Available to help with your conference organisation, from identifying the best speakers and moderators to devising conference structures and formats that suit your event.   

Recent Posts

The Shinners ready themselves for government… but are we ready for them?

Sinn Féin’s progress to high office is most dependent on Fianna Fáil’s continuing stagnation and the perception that the current leader has become increasingly antagonistic to the idea of having a serious discussion on Unity, either in terms of how we move towards it or what the new constitutional arrangements could be in new all-island Ireland.

This week’s #Covid19 reopening should have gone ahead

Ministers are making a mistake. They should be focused on making like less burdensome for the vaccinated and by placing increased pressure on the 300,000 or so un-vaxxed to folks to go and their their vaccinations. making vaccine passes (with provision for people who have recovered from Covid or are happy to be tested 2/3 times a week) mandatory for the workplace would have helped drive this process.

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