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Here you will discover more about the speech-writing, communications and public affairs services I offer. You can as catch up on my political commentaries and opinion pieces as well as find some of my recent TV, radio and online media performances.

I hope you find the contents here informative. Feel free to contact me if I can ever be of service to you, or your organisation,

How MooneyComms Can help you

Speech-writingWhether it is a corporate address or a social occasion, I can advise and assist with crafting your speech

Social Media – Available to provide advice and guidance on revising or upgrading your online presence

Public Affairs – Can assist and guide on the best approaches for your public affairs strategies, with insights on dealing with agencies and authorities in Dublin, Brussels and Belfast

Campaign Strategies – Can assist you in devising and delivering a winning campaign – with a particular focus on local, national and european elections. From building a strong campaign team to message crafting 

Conference and Training– Available to help with your conference organisation, from identifying the best speakers and moderators to devising conference structures and formats that suit your event.   

Recent Posts

Why does Martin’s Fianna Fáil have such a stubborn problem with young people?

Past generations of Fianna Fáil leaders understood the curious almost symbiotic relationship between the interests of people aged under 25 and those aged over 65. One that echoes the bond or connection between grandparent and grandchild. Young people want to see their grandparents enjoy a long and content retirements just as much as those grandparents want to see their grandchildren get a better start in life than they had. Playing one off against the other does not work.

Why does an unpopular party have a popular leader?

The paradox of Fianna Fáil’s low poll ratings is that they are staying stubbornly low at a time when its leader’s rating are moving up. Has An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin learned how to disassociate himself from his party… and doesn’t this mean that what is in his interest, is not in his party’s.. and vice-versa? 

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