Who is the worst Minister in Government – you decide

The first meeting of the cabinet

I recently discovered the opavote.org website and wanted to try it out, so I decided to create an online poll to see how the site works.

The poll is determine the worst member of Government – the poll is being run under PR STV – ie you vote for the worst minister in the order of your choice 1 being worst, 2 being second worst and so on… you can stop after 1, or continue on down until 15 (for least worst… or even best!)

There will just be one winner – i.e. one person who exceeds the 50% + 1 quota. You can view the results as the voting proceeds – ie it will run the election as if yours was the final vote to be cast.

You can vote via this link: www.opavote.org

I will publish the results in a few days.